Water Leaks Cost Billions. We Have a Smart Solution.

One of the biggest threats to your home is something you enjoy every day. It’s cool. It’s clear. It’s calming. And it’s costly—extremely costly—to clean up.

Water damage from burst pipes, drips and leaky appliances costs homeowners and insurers billions of dollars every year. Like many home security problems, it happens quickly, unexpectedly and out of sight. From collapsed ceilings to mold-blackened basements, water damage is disruptive, destructive and often dangerous. Is there a solution?

Meet Alarm.com’s Smart Water Valve+Meter, available soon for your home or business.

Designed and developed by the engineering team at Building36, it uses cutting-edge connected technology to detect leaks and shut them off automatically. As part of our whole-home Water Management solution, it can respond intelligently to drips and leaks in different areas of your home, and helps you use water more efficiently with monitoring and insights.

Here’s what makes this new technology a must-have for your home and your peace of mind.

Automatic Flood Shutdown

When a pipe or hose fails suddenly, your sole priority is: turn off the water. If you’re home, and scramble to the water supply in time once you spot the leak, you’ll avert disaster. If not, you’re soaked.

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter changes everything. Installed at your home’s main water supply, its high-tech internal meter quickly detects large leaks and alerts your smart home security system. The system then activates the device’s onboard actuator, closing the valve and shutting off your water to minimize damage.

Alarm.com Smart Water Valve+Meter Cutaway.jpg

By the time an alert reaches your phone, the most important thing is already taken care of, likely saving you from hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage repairs and sparing your possessions from being ruined.

Whole Home Water Protection

Because your home’s plumbing is hidden, leaks and drips rarely emerge in plain sight. Our integrated Water Management technology spots problems that you can’t, with wireless sensors that alert your security system to leaks behind washers, sinks, water heaters and other appliances.

Alarm.com App Water Management.jpg

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter also detects a range of other issues that cost you money. Its smart meter will help you detect persistent leaks or running toilets that cause water bills to skyrocket over time. It can alert you to excessive water consumption at home or at a rental property. It can even alert you to low water temperatures if your pipes are at risk of freezing in winter.

Intelligent Responses, Easy Controls

Powered by smart home security technology, our Smart Water Valve+Meter responds intelligently when it matters.

Because it’s integrated with your security system, it knows when you’re home or away and responds accordingly. For example, if someone is taking a long shower and your system knows you’re home, you’ll get an alert but the water will stay on. However, if you’re away and one of your toilets is constantly running, the water will shut off to help save up to 200 gallons of wasted water per day. It takes whole-home intelligence to know and respond correctly.

Using the Smart Water Valve+Meter yourself, however, couldn’t be simpler. Once your SmartWired technician has directed its installation, you’ll find the controls right there in your Alarm.com app—next to your security system, smart locks, smart thermostat, security camera feeds and everything else.

The Alarm.com Smart Water Valve+Meter will be available soon for your home or business. For further details, please contact us here

Blog courtesy of Alarm.com Jan 05 2020

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