Video Surveillance: A business priority

Most business owners or operators know they need some type of security—whether it’s for inventory protection, IT servers holding sensitive data, or managing day-to-day operations, security is an essential part of running a business. And, it’s not surprising to learn that commercial video cameras are the most critical component of that security system.

A Parks Associates Medium and Large Commercial Business Survey* found that one-half of the organizations surveyed are very likely to purchase a new security system over the next 12 months. Even more so, security systems and are the top purchase priorities for those organizations overall.

“We worry more about video surveillance,” a survey participant who works at a K-12 school explains. “If someone gave me $100K today and told me to spend it on security, it would be on external cameras for the fields and parking lots. Being able to catch incidents is huge for us.”*

Video surveillance is even more important for businesses with daily foot traffic, to protect people coming and going, deter thieves, and to monitor all viable entry points 24/7. It’s all too often business owners wait for a security incident to happen before realizing that having reliable video surveillance could have captured the incident in the first place.

When looking to purchase a commercial security system for his business, Tim Smith, CEO of MD Billing, did what most business owners do at first. He went to a large chain retail store and purchased a system to install himself. After a few years, the system started failing and proved to be frustrating and unreliable.

“With the big-box store systems, there’s a reason why they’re so cheap,” says Smith. “I don’t want to have to be the IT department for a camera system when’s got a product that fills all my needs and I don’t have to ever worry about it.”

At the end of the day, business owners like Smith need a system they can rely on, but one that doesn’t require them to be IT wizards or software support staff. Take a different approach with for Business. Our business security platform combines video monitoring with other robust offerings like access control and energy management. You can control the whole system from one mobile app or web dashboard, find the footage you want by searching for important events on your 24/7 video timeline, and access data from across the whole system for valuable business insights.

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