Hearing Bumps in the Night? Here’s What to Do

Bump. You definitely heard it this time. It’s 2:00 AM and everyone should be asleep. Is your mind playing tricks, or is it an intruder? Or… a ghostly visitor?

It’s the season for spooky activity. However, mysterious bumps in the night haunt us year-round. According to Alarm.com research, we experience them four times a year on average. We react in different ways: 44% of us have quietly snuck out of bed to investigate a noise, while 41% have grabbed an object and gone to confront the real or imagined intruder. One in five men have sent their partner to investigate.

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Not loving any of these solutions? Neither are we. Try these easy ways to restore your peace of mind instead.

1: Indoor video

If stalking through your shadowy house with a golf club (or a clove of garlic) isn’t your thing, consider Alarm.com-powered indoor video cameras instead.

When a bump in the night wakes you up, pull up your app’s live video feeds for a room-by-room view of everything downstairs. Our push-to-talk technology lets you broadcast your voice through many of our latest cameras, so use it to good effect in warning any ghosts away.

Bumps in the Night

2: Smarter outdoor lighting

What about the bump you just heard outside your window. You know it was real because your motion-triggered lights turned on. But is it a prowler, or just a possum?

With Alarm.com’s video analytics, you’d know. It’s a state-of-the-art home security technology that can spot the difference between people, animals and vehicles, and you can use it to automate your outdoor lights. If it’s a person outside: lights on. If it’s an animal, no lights. You’d also get custom video alerts telling you what type of visitor you have: human, or animal. There’s no ghost option… yet.

3: Professionally monitored security

A real, human intruder is no joke. It’s why professional monitoring is included with every Alarm.com-powered security system.

In the event of a break-in while your system is armed, we alert a 24/7 monitoring station, where security professionals are on hand to dial 911 on your behalf. Even if you didn’t arm your system or secure your house, you can use your app’s Smart Signal buttons to tell your monitoring station that you need help immediately.

For total protection and peace of mind, there’s nothing smarter—especially at 2.00 AM.

Are bumps in the night giving you the chills?

You’ll rest easier with smart home security powered by Alarm.com. Professionally installed and monitored, and customized to your home and needs, it’s the all-in-one way to stay protected, connected and in control.

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