How to Secure Gates, Tool Sheds, and Equipment

How to Secure Gates, Tool Sheds, and Equipment

If your backyard toolshed sits beyond the limits of your home’s Wi-Fi, you might have accepted that you couldn’t monitor it using traditional security sensors. But what if there was a better way to keep an eye on property and equipment outside your home?

Meet Flex IO™ from, an entirely new kind of sensor that offers limitless possibilities for monitoring property and equipment virtually anywhere. Flex IO is an award-winning solution for remote security challenges, making it easy to protect everything from toolsheds to barns, gates, boats, RVs, equipment and more. So, the next time your dog escapes from the back gate, you’ll know right away.

No Wi-Fi, no wires, no problem

Flex IO works anywhere with LTE cellular coverage—panels, hubs, and Wi-Fi aren’t required. This gives you the flexibility to monitor whatever you’d like, wherever it may be. Whether it’s in the backyard or on the other side of the country, this durable, battery-powered sensor provides real-time alerts so you can keep an eye on what matters most to you.

Built to last

We designed Flex IO to operate in environments where existing solutions don’t work, including places without power, internet access, or protection from the elements. If you’d like to monitor equipment that might be exposed to weather conditions like wind and rain, Flex IO is the way to go. This durable sensor is weather-proofed for the outdoors, and with its 2+ year battery life, it’s built to last.


From fences to farm equipment

Because Flex IO extends beyond the reach of traditional security systems, the monitoring possibilities are limitless. This rugged device features a magnetic reed switch, loop input, and relay output to accommodate a wide range of use cases, so you can receive real-time alerts whenever:

  • Doors or windows are opened and closed (or left open)
  • Perimeter gates are accessed
  • Freestanding items are moved (just connect magna-pull sensors to the built-in loop input)
  • The device is tampered with

No matter where it’s installed, Flex IO can seamlessly integrate with the SmartWired platform. To learn more, contact us today.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide

Fire & Carbon Monoxide

Ordinary smoke and carbon monoxide detectors offer limited protection. You’re safer with SmartWired-powered detectors that work with your security system.

We’ve got this

Professionally monitored: Our 24/7 monitoring service alerts 911 for you. If you can’t call for help, they’ve got your back.

Real-time awareness: Your SmartWired app shows you where the danger is, so you can adjust your escape route.

False alarm protection: Just a burnt dinner? Cancel a false alarm instantly with Smart Signal.

TOTAL PROTECTION: See how Benjamin’s system helped him save his dogs and his home from a fire.

Stop fumes from spreading

If your heat or AC is running when a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs, toxic fumes spread faster. SmartWired protects you by pausing your thermostat automatically when the alarm sounds.

Verify with video

If the cause of a fire is unclear, it can take longer for insurers to make it right. cameras record and upload footage automatically in emergencies, making it easy to show investigators what happened.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience the confidence of total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe and well. You can start small, or start with it all.

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Leak & Flood Protection: Safeguard your home from the #1 driver of insurance claims.

Leaks and floods: what’s the difference?

A few minutes. That’s all it takes for a leaking pipe or split washer hose to flood your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

SmartWired detects leaks and shuts them down. If you’re home, you can turn off your water supply from your app to prevent damage. If you’re away, your Smart Water Valve+Meter takes care of it for you.

See how defends your home from water damage.

No more money down the drain

Your Smart Water Valve+Meter helps you prevent water waste too. Its onboard flow meter can alert you to costly issues like running toilets, or excessive water consumption at a rental property.

Upstairs, downstairs… catch leaks anywhere

Water damage starts where you can’t see it: under sinks, behind washers, under water tanks and in attics. Protect your home’s most vulnerable areas with wireless water sensors. They’re small, smart and always on guard.

Stay ahead of winter freezes

A frozen pipe is a flood waiting to happen. Keep ice out of the picture with your Smart Water Valve+Meter’s water temperature monitoring and your system’s remote temperature sensors. If your basement needs a blast of emergency heat, you’ll know.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience the confidence of total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe and well. You can start small, or start with it all.

Ready to go?

SmartWired technology is sold, installed and serviced by licensed service providers near you.
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Connected Car is Smart Security for the Road

A smart home security system gives you confidence. If there’s trouble at home, you’ll always know—even when you’re not there. If only you could plug it into your car.

You could know about dangerous driving activity even when you weren’t in the car yourself. You could stay one step ahead of emergencies, and feel more confident that your vehicle, and the people driving it, were safe.

With Connected Car, you can.

Connected Car is an extension of your home security system that plugs into your car, giving you a direct connection to its location, diagnostic status, and the behavior of its drivers.

If anything is wrong, it lets you know right away through your app.

Keep an eye on your favorite drivers

Does your teen’s driving make you nervous? Connected Car lets you keep a safety-conscious eye on them when they’re on the road without you.

With real-time alerts for sudden acceleration, hard braking and speeding, you’ll know for sure if your teen is driving responsibly, or if you need to reach out and ask what’s going on.

Stay one step ahead of emergency repairs

If you’ve ever waited at the roadside for a tow truck to take your stranded car to the shop, you know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Connected Car provides you with maintenance alerts that keep you one step ahead of emergency repairs and rescues. Whether your fuel tank is nearly empty, you need to get your engine checked or your battery is low, you’ll be forewarned to fix the issue before it turns into a surprise expense.

Park your car with confidence

Do you feel anxious when you park in a less-than-perfect spot? You’ll appreciate the extra confidence that Connected Car gives you.

If there’s unexpected movement, you’ll get an alert. If you’re towed—or if you forget where you parked—you’ll know exactly where to go, thanks to Connected Car’s location tracking.

Its backup battery and cellular signal mean that Connected Car is always alert and working, even when your engine is off.

Enhance your smart home experience

As well as communicating with you, Connected Car communicates with your home to make things more convenient.

Seamlessly integrated with your SmartWired-powered smart home system, it can adjust your thermostat automatically when you’re on your way home, turn your outdoor lights on as you pull into the driveway, and alert you to potential security mistakes like leaving your garage open or front door unlocked.

All-in-one protection for your home and your car

Smart home security isn’t just for your home anymore. With Connected Car and, you can extend your protection far beyond its walls to wherever your car and family happen to be.

If you’re a current SmartWired subscriber, ask about Connected Car today. Don’t have SmartWired yet? Click here to get started.

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Water Leaks Cost Billions. We Have a Smart Solution.

One of the biggest threats to your home is something you enjoy every day. It’s cool. It’s clear. It’s calming. And it’s costly—extremely costly—to clean up.

Water damage from burst pipes, drips and leaky appliances costs homeowners and insurers billions of dollars every year. Like many home security problems, it happens quickly, unexpectedly and out of sight. From collapsed ceilings to mold-blackened basements, water damage is disruptive, destructive and often dangerous. Is there a solution?

Meet’s Smart Water Valve+Meter, available soon for your home or business.

Designed and developed by the engineering team at Building36, it uses cutting-edge connected technology to detect leaks and shut them off automatically. As part of our whole-home Water Management solution, it can respond intelligently to drips and leaks in different areas of your home, and helps you use water more efficiently with monitoring and insights.

Here’s what makes this new technology a must-have for your home and your peace of mind.

Automatic Flood Shutdown

When a pipe or hose fails suddenly, your sole priority is: turn off the water. If you’re home, and scramble to the water supply in time once you spot the leak, you’ll avert disaster. If not, you’re soaked.

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter changes everything. Installed at your home’s main water supply, its high-tech internal meter quickly detects large leaks and alerts your smart home security system. The system then activates the device’s onboard actuator, closing the valve and shutting off your water to minimize damage. Smart Water Valve+Meter Cutaway.jpg

By the time an alert reaches your phone, the most important thing is already taken care of, likely saving you from hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage repairs and sparing your possessions from being ruined.

Whole Home Water Protection

Because your home’s plumbing is hidden, leaks and drips rarely emerge in plain sight. Our integrated Water Management technology spots problems that you can’t, with wireless sensors that alert your security system to leaks behind washers, sinks, water heaters and other appliances. App Water Management.jpg

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter also detects a range of other issues that cost you money. Its smart meter will help you detect persistent leaks or running toilets that cause water bills to skyrocket over time. It can alert you to excessive water consumption at home or at a rental property. It can even alert you to low water temperatures if your pipes are at risk of freezing in winter.

Intelligent Responses, Easy Controls

Powered by smart home security technology, our Smart Water Valve+Meter responds intelligently when it matters.

Because it’s integrated with your security system, it knows when you’re home or away and responds accordingly. For example, if someone is taking a long shower and your system knows you’re home, you’ll get an alert but the water will stay on. However, if you’re away and one of your toilets is constantly running, the water will shut off to help save up to 200 gallons of wasted water per day. It takes whole-home intelligence to know and respond correctly.

Using the Smart Water Valve+Meter yourself, however, couldn’t be simpler. Once your SmartWired technician has directed its installation, you’ll find the controls right there in your app—next to your security system, smart locks, smart thermostat, security camera feeds and everything else.

The Smart Water Valve+Meter will be available soon for your home or business. For further details, please contact us here

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How to Create a Santa Alert For Your Kids

We all know that Santa visits every year, and on Christmas morning the empty plate of cookies and a note from the big guy himself makes it all the more special.

Now, your security system can add an extra touch of magic with a custom smartphone alert confirming that Santa’s  visited. It’s easy to set up.  Here’s what to do.

1: Designate a Chimney Sensor

On Christmas Eve, log into and click into the Sensors card on your homepage.

Santa Alert 1-001.jpg

Pick a contact sensor that’s easy for you to activate. In this example, we’ll use the back door.

Santa Alert 2-001.jpg

Click the sensor name and rename it “Chimney”. Don’t have a chimney? “Santa Sensor” will do.

Santa Alert 3-001.jpg

2: Set up a notification

Go to your Notifications tab, then click New Notification.

Santa Alert 4-001.jpg

Under the Standard tab in the pop-up box, you’ll see a Sensor Activity option. Click on it.

Santa Alert 5-001.jpg

Check the Chimney box, then add yourself as a recipient and save the notification.

Santa Alert 6-001.jpg

3: Santa’s here…

Before you go to bed on Christmas Eve, open the back door. The contact sensor will trigger a timestamped smartphone alert, reporting that the chimney sensor was activated. Now go to bed quickly, before the real Santa comes.

4: Amaze the kids!

When your children wake you at 5.30 on Christmas morning, show them the alert and watch their faces light up. Merry Christmas!

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Catch Santa on Your Smart Home Security Camera This Year

Googling “how to catch Santa” gets about 167 million search results. Needless to say, children have been dreaming up ways to catch the man in red for a long time. Here’s your chance to help them succeed, or at least get proof that he exists—and earn major points with your kids.

With our seasonal Santa Security feature, you’ll have incontrovertible evidence that Santa was in your house: a digital photo, taken by your security cameras the night before, of the jolly guy himself, in your home, delivering their gifts.

It’s tough to impress kids these days with technology, as they’re often ahead of us in that area, but this should get their attention. You can spread the magic by sharing it with friends and family too. Here’s what to do.

Note: to catch Santa in your home, you’ll need the latest version of the app, and a compatible home security camera*.

1: Open your app. Select a live video feed from a compatible security camera in your home.

2: Tap the Santa icon in the video feed to get a still image from your security camera.

3: Choose a Santa from the menu to add to your snapshot. You’ll see full-color images of the real Santa for a daytime snapshot, and black and white options for the night. You can resize and move Santa if you need to.

4: Delight your family. When your children wake you up at 5.30 AM on Christmas morning, show them your snapshot.

5: Share the magic! Share your Santa snapshots with family and friends by email, text, and social media (hashtag: #SantaSecurity).

*To tell if a video camera is compatible with Santa Security, open your app and look for a Santa icon in the top right corner of the camera’s live video feed. All compatible cameras will show this icon.

Don’t have Santa Security?

Set up a Santa Alert instead.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up a Santa alert for your home.

Don’t have

Why not gift yourself a professionally installed, monitored security system that’ll bring you peace of mind this holiday season and all year round?

To get started, click here.

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Seven Smart Tips for a Safe 2020 Holiday Season

This year, more than ever, we all deserve a festive, peaceful holiday season. That means doing our best to protect our holiday moments by taking those extra steps to keep our homes and loved ones safe.

To help with that, we’ve put together some easy tips to strengthen your home security now, so that you can focus on the fun parts of the season.


1: Start with security cameras

Two-thirds of homeowners worry that their home is more attractive to criminals during the holidays. There are plenty of ways to deter those criminals, though. One of the most visible and useful is security cameras, which send a clear message to potential intruders that you’ve taken action to protect yourself.

Our smart home security cameras go a step further with video analytics, an intelligent feature that classifies moving objects as people, animals, or vehicles and lets you know who’s there. It can even trigger your home’s smart lights to turn on, surprising a potential intruder (two-legged or four-legged).

2: Make friends in the right places

It’s the perfect time to re-connect with your neighbors; not just for the feeling of community, but to team up against neighborhood crime. By keeping an eye out for each other, you’ll make your own homes safer too.

When you can’t connect in person, new digital tools make it easy to stay in touch and up to date on neighborhood news. If you see something suspicious, let your neighbors know and ask them to do the same.

3: Give your packages plenty of protection

With so many people buying gifts online to avoid the crowds, even more packages will pile up on doorsteps across the country this year. A doorbell camera and smart lock can help keep your packages safe.

When a delivery driver rings your doorbell, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone instantly. Just tap the microphone button to say hello and ask the driver to leave the package outside. If you’re away from home, you can unlock your door and turn off your security system for a moment so that the driver can put your packages inside.

4: Simplify your home security routine

Did you know that most days, one in three homeowners worry that they didn’t lock their house? Holiday excitement makes it especially easy to forget things like checking all the doors and security system before running an errand. Don’t worry: we have solutions for you. Scenes let you secure your whole home with a single command as you leave. Just tap your preset Away Scene on your app to have your doors lock, your security system arm itself, your garage close, your lights turn off, and the thermostat set itself back to save energy. It’s a smarter approach than trying to do it all yourself when you’re running late.

If you forget to close or lock something, our Geo-Services feature sends you a reminder. Once you hit the road, you’ll get a notification that you need to lock up, close the garage or arm your security system from your app.

5: Enjoy the coziness but watch the candles

Decorating and cooking are some of the best parts of the holidays, but they bring seasonal fire risks. Make safe choices, like choosing flame resistant holiday decorations, and be sure to replace any worn or broken cords or loose bulbs. Always turn off light strings and other decorations before leaving the house or going to bed.

Home cooking fires cost $1.2 billion in property damage each year, according to the NFPA . Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they work and replace them at least every ten years. Our professionally monitored security system can alert you to a fire and notify your monitoring service, who’ll dial 911 on your behalf while you focus on your family’s safety.

6: Create an essential just-in-case plan

Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, but an emergency plan is crucial for everyone living under your roof, including furry family members. If a fire breaks out, all members of the household should know what to do, where to meet, and who to call.

The Red Cross recommends practicing different versions of your plan twice a year. If you use, you can add family members to your alerts, and relax in the knowledge that your professional monitoring service has the emergency call covered.

7: Look out for your loved ones

Even before the pandemic, 7 in 10 adults with parents over 60 felt concerned that they couldn’t visit them frequently enough. At the end of 2020, the feeling is universal.

Consider our Wellness technology for a new way to stay connected and ensure that your loved ones are safe and well. Installed in an older adult’s home, Wellness discreetly reads daily activity patterns to alert you to any potential wellbeing issues. It’s ideal for an older parent who values the independence of living by themselves, but who feels that they use an extra safeguard, just in case.

Bonus tip: protect yourself from digital danger too.

If you’re new to smart home security, remember to protect your account from online intruders. The idea of a digital attack on your home security is frightening, but protecting yourself is simple.

The typical intruder doesn’t target the technology company but your login credentials. The solution: update and improve your password, and set up Two-Factor Authentication.

Thinking about home security for the holidays?

You’ll appreciate the extra peace of mind this season but you’ll enjoy the benefits of a modern security system all year round. Professionally installed and monitored, and customized for your home, it’s the easiest way to rest assured and enjoy the season.

Want to protect your holidays with technology? Get started by clicking here

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Hearing Bumps in the Night? Here’s What to Do

Bump. You definitely heard it this time. It’s 2:00 AM and everyone should be asleep. Is your mind playing tricks, or is it an intruder? Or… a ghostly visitor?

It’s the season for spooky activity. However, mysterious bumps in the night haunt us year-round. According to research, we experience them four times a year on average. We react in different ways: 44% of us have quietly snuck out of bed to investigate a noise, while 41% have grabbed an object and gone to confront the real or imagined intruder. One in five men have sent their partner to investigate.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.jpg

Not loving any of these solutions? Neither are we. Try these easy ways to restore your peace of mind instead.

1: Indoor video

If stalking through your shadowy house with a golf club (or a clove of garlic) isn’t your thing, consider indoor video cameras instead.

When a bump in the night wakes you up, pull up your app’s live video feeds for a room-by-room view of everything downstairs. Our push-to-talk technology lets you broadcast your voice through many of our latest cameras, so use it to good effect in warning any ghosts away.

Bumps in the Night

2: Smarter outdoor lighting

What about the bump you just heard outside your window. You know it was real because your motion-triggered lights turned on. But is it a prowler, or just a possum?

With’s video analytics, you’d know. It’s a state-of-the-art home security technology that can spot the difference between people, animals and vehicles, and you can use it to automate your outdoor lights. If it’s a person outside: lights on. If it’s an animal, no lights. You’d also get custom video alerts telling you what type of visitor you have: human, or animal. There’s no ghost option… yet.

3: Professionally monitored security

A real, human intruder is no joke. It’s why professional monitoring is included with every security system.

In the event of a break-in while your system is armed, we alert a 24/7 monitoring station, where security professionals are on hand to dial 911 on your behalf. Even if you didn’t arm your system or secure your house, you can use your app’s Smart Signal buttons to tell your monitoring station that you need help immediately.

For total protection and peace of mind, there’s nothing smarter—especially at 2.00 AM.

Are bumps in the night giving you the chills?

You’ll rest easier with smart home security powered by Professionally installed and monitored, and customized to your home and needs, it’s the all-in-one way to stay protected, connected and in control.

Contact us today by clicking here.

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