Three Tips for a Smart Thanksgiving at Home

Between turkeys, guests and kids, hosting Thanksgiving at home can get a little hectic.

The good news is that your SmartWired-powered smart home security system has some helpful tricks that can make things easier.

Here are three that you should consider setting up before Thanksgiving Day.

1: Open your door, save energy

From last-minute shopping runs to welcoming visitors, you’ll be opening your front door a lot during the holiday. When your heating is running at the same time, you can end up paying to ‘heat the neighborhood.’

If you have a SmartWired Smart Thermostat, now is the time to activate the ‘auto set-back’ feature. When your front door’s contact sensor detects that your door is open for a long time, your thermostat will automatically set back to save energy and protect your heating bill. As soon as you close the door, it starts up again.

2: Give guests anytime access


Are you hosting family members for several nights? As part of their welcome, give them their very own code to your front door.

Unique user codes let your guests come and go as they please, with no need for a spare key. They can also trigger a smartphone alert every time it’s used. This is great if you’re away from home and want to know who’s coming and going.

User codes are easy to set up in your mobile app, and come with the option of automatically expiring on a set date. Note: this is for your convenience, not for hinting that your guests have overstayed 😉

3: Get proactive protection from fire danger

Between log fires and deep fryers, Thanksgiving Day typically sees an increase in house fires across the country. As well as being extra-mindful on the day, make sure that your home is protected in advance.

SmartWired-powered smart smoke detectors don’t just warn you about a fire: they proactively alert your monitoring station, who dispatch your local fire department. If you don’t have smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed yet, now is a good time to talk to us at SmartWired about adding them.

We hope you have a happy, safe and smart Thanksgiving!

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Meet the SmartWired Thermostat!

Meet the SmartWired Thermostat!

Saving energy at home should be simple. With a SmartWired Thermostat, it is.

The thermostat lets you save energy simply, with no guesswork, complexity or inconvenience necessary. In fact, you’ll barely notice… except when it comes to your power bill.

Fully integrated into your Smart Home Security system, it can do more than other smart thermostats. That’s because it has more information about what’s going on inside and outside your home, enabling it to take smarter actions that give you the perfect balance of energy savings and comfort.

It learns from all the triggers in your security system

While standalone thermostats use a single motion detector to ‘learn’ your ideal heating and cooling schedule, ours has access to every sensor in your security system. Instead of guessing what’s happening based on a single room, it takes real cues from your security panel, the motion sensors throughout your house, your door and window sensors and more.

It cares about which room you’re in

Using wireless temperature sensors, our Smart Thermostat delivers precision comfort to the rooms where you spend your time. Simply place these tiny devices around your home, and optimize your home’s temperature for comfort in specific rooms. Create a multi-sensor schedule for precision comfort throughout the day, or average your overall temperature between different sensors.

It reacts to your location in real-time

Learning isn’t everything. After all, your own schedule changes from day to day. Our smart thermostat reacts by using real-time data to adapt quickly to changes in your routine. One example is Geo-Services. If you’re on your way home early, for example, our location automation feature will set the thermostat forward out of ‘savings mode’ to cool your house to the perfect temperature.

It saves as soon as you leave home

Our Smart Thermostat knows right away when you leave home, thanks to your security panel’s status and Geo-Services. While standalone thermostats are still wondering why there’s no motion in their room any more, ours is setting back to an energy-saving temperature before you’re even in the car.

It saves when you open a window

A big cause of wasted energy is running your AC with an outside door or window open – a problem that standalone thermostats can’t address. Our thermostat knows if you’re ‘cooling the neighborhood’ thanks to your door or window sensors, and will set back automatically to save energy until you close the door.

It even knows what’s happening outside.

With access to real-time weather data, our Smart Thermostat can even adjust automatically on extremely hot or cold days to take an additional bite out of your energy bills. It’s also compatible with ‘demand response’ programs from utility companies, making you eligible for reduced rates if your electric company offers them.

It protects you from smoke and CO2

Because it’s connected to your security system, our thermostat can even help safeguard you from environmental threats like smoke and carbon monoxide.In the event of your connected smoke / CO sensor detecting either hazard, our thermostat instantly shuts your HVAC down, minimizing the chance of toxic gas or damaging smoke circulating through your home.

It’s completely integrated with your Smart Home

Our Smart Thermostat is the first thermostat built specifically for the Smart Home. It’s integrated fully into our smartphone app, letting you control your temperature alongside your security panel, lights, locks, garage door and more. Behind the scenes, the platform – a cloud technology connecting millions of homes – enables intelligent savings, new feature updates and security-grade reliability.

Interested in a SmartWired Thermostat? Click here.

How to Secure Gates, Tool Sheds, and Equipment

How to Secure Gates, Tool Sheds, and Equipment

If your backyard toolshed sits beyond the limits of your home’s Wi-Fi, you might have accepted that you couldn’t monitor it using traditional security sensors. But what if there was a better way to keep an eye on property and equipment outside your home?

Meet Flex IO™ from, an entirely new kind of sensor that offers limitless possibilities for monitoring property and equipment virtually anywhere. Flex IO is an award-winning solution for remote security challenges, making it easy to protect everything from toolsheds to barns, gates, boats, RVs, equipment and more. So, the next time your dog escapes from the back gate, you’ll know right away.

No Wi-Fi, no wires, no problem

Flex IO works anywhere with LTE cellular coverage—panels, hubs, and Wi-Fi aren’t required. This gives you the flexibility to monitor whatever you’d like, wherever it may be. Whether it’s in the backyard or on the other side of the country, this durable, battery-powered sensor provides real-time alerts so you can keep an eye on what matters most to you.

Built to last

We designed Flex IO to operate in environments where existing solutions don’t work, including places without power, internet access, or protection from the elements. If you’d like to monitor equipment that might be exposed to weather conditions like wind and rain, Flex IO is the way to go. This durable sensor is weather-proofed for the outdoors, and with its 2+ year battery life, it’s built to last.


From fences to farm equipment

Because Flex IO extends beyond the reach of traditional security systems, the monitoring possibilities are limitless. This rugged device features a magnetic reed switch, loop input, and relay output to accommodate a wide range of use cases, so you can receive real-time alerts whenever:

  • Doors or windows are opened and closed (or left open)
  • Perimeter gates are accessed
  • Freestanding items are moved (just connect magna-pull sensors to the built-in loop input)
  • The device is tampered with

No matter where it’s installed, Flex IO can seamlessly integrate with the SmartWired platform. To learn more, contact us today.

How to Give Your Home a Security & Safety Tune-Up

Looking for a new project to start this weekend? It’s good to find things that keep you and your family busy. Spending unprecedented amounts of time at home can drive you stir-crazy, and getting things done is a great antidote to stress and worries.

However, starting the wrong project can lead to a half-finished bathroom or worse. Quick and do-able is the order of the day, especially if you’re extra busy during the week. Our suggestion: give your home a security and safety tune-up.

It’s an easy weekend activity that will keep you active, improve your home in the long run, and give you peace of mind that your home and family are safer.

Not sure what a home security overhaul looks like? Here’s a list of essential tasks.

Home Security Tips Tune Up 4

1: Create an emergency action plan for your family

If a fire broke out in your home, would everyone know what to do? Create a simple plan for emergencies to sure that they will. A good emergency plan includes:

  • Where to meet in an emergency, and how to get there.
  • Roles and responsibilities. For example, who dials for help?
  • How to navigate specific hazards, such as smoke.
  • Emergency contacts: who else will you alert?

Create, then practice different versions of your plan for a fire, a break-in and an extreme weather event. The Red Cross recommends that you practice twice a year.

If you’re a SmartWired user, it’s easy to add a family member to your alerts as an emergency contact. And with professional monitoring, you won’t need to worry about dialing 911.

2: Prioritize yard tasks with security benefits

Take advantage of the spring weather to inspect your hedges, bushes and trees for security hazards. You’re looking for potential hiding spots that give intruders a place to lurk. Trim these areas until you have a direct line of sight to the street. Ideally, anyone in your front yard should be visible to you, your neighbors, and passersby.

3: Connect with your neighbors on security

Home security extends beyond your home. Teaming up with neighbors is one of America’s top home security measures, and it’s easy to connect with neighbors digitally when you can’t meet in person.

Your neighbors can keep you informed about suspicious activity in the neighborhood and watch your home when you’re away. If you’re new in town, follow these neighborhood security tips to get started.

4: Give your home security technology an audit

Home Security Tips Tune Up 5

Is your current security system out of date and difficult to use? Spend some time researching smart home security; it’s the easiest way to protect your home. A good modern security system will include:

  • A mobile app to control everything, see what’s going on, and stay connected to home.
  • Professional monitoring for emergencies.
  • The ability to add security devices like outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, and smart locks.

SmartWired-powered security systems include all of the above and more, with expert support at every step. Take the time to find a system that suits your family’s needs.

5: Show intruders they’re not welcome

Already have a SmartWired-powered security system? Excellent work. But will an intruder know?

Burglars tend to take the path of least resistance and typically avoid homes with security systems. The more visible your system is, the more you’ll benefit. This means making sure that your yard signs are front and center. Adding an outdoor security camera helps too.

Don’t have a yard sign for your system? Contact us, and ask to drop one off.

6: Get your lighting in shape for summer

Home Security Tips Tune Up 6

You won’t always be at home—but you’ll always want potential intruders to think that you are. That’s why smart lights are an outdoor security essential. Ask about motion-triggered and automated lights. They’re easy to add to your security system, and ensure that intruders won’t be able to hide in the dark.

For extra deterrence, ask about SmartWired’s video analytics. This technology allows your security cameras to distinguish people from animals and vehicles, and trigger your outdoor lights accordingly.

7: Educate your kids on safety at home

We teach our kids to stay safe in the outside world. You should also teach safety at home—especially to older kids who want to stay home alone when you’re out. Your kids should know:

  • Never to post on social media that they’re home alone
  • Never to answer the door to strangers
  • How to lock up and arm the security system
  • What to do if they smell smoke or discover an emergency

8: Set up new alerts for home safety

Home Security Tips Tune Up 1

SmartWired’s smartphone alerts help you stay one step ahead of danger. To enhance your safety at home, set up the following:

  • Geo-Services reminders: When you don’t leave home as often, it’s easy to make home security mistakes like forgetting to lock the door when you do. Our Geo-Services reminders use your location to alert you if you leave home with your security system disarmed or your door unlocked, so that you can secure the house remotely.
  • Contact sensor alerts: If your kids are exploring the house more than usual, setting up alerts for doors and windows will let you know if they go places they aren’t supposed to, or leave entry points to your home unsecured.
  • Unexpected Activity: These alerts look out for your family by letting you know when something happens that doesn’t match your home’s everyday activity patterns.

9: Inspect your security and safety devices

Did you test your smoke detectors when the clocks changed this spring? If not, now is the time.

Giving your home security and safety devices a quick inspection every few months helps to ensure that they’ll always be ready when you need them. Test your smoke detectors and clean your security cameras, using your mobile app’s live feeds to make sure their angles are correct.

For additional peace of mind, set up a low battery alert for your SmartWired-powered smoke detectors. Next time you need to change your batteries, you’ll know in advance.

10: Give your SmartWired account a security audit Protect Account 2FA Password

When you use smart technology to keep your home secure, it’s extra important to prevent unauthorized access to your account and mobile app.

When you’re done tuning up your physical security, take a few minutes to double-check your digital home security too. Changing passwords, and creating 2-factor logins are great places to start.

Need a smarter home security system?

Protecting your home with SmartWired is easy. SmartWired includes some of the biggest home security brands and local smart home security experts.

They’ll help you figure out what you need, and they’ll support you all the way.

Click here to connect with a security expert in your area.

What is a SmartWired user code?

How many people should have a key to your house?

There’s you and your partner. And your kids need their keys after school.

Then there’s your neighbor. He walks your dog when you’re away, although you used a pet-sitter last vacation because he was out of town. Should your babysitter have a key? Maybe. If your plumber had a key, you could have saved a half-day of vacation last week, but you can’t just hand keys out and you know better than to keep one under a rock. Did the pet-sitter ever return that key? Your son left his keys on the bus and he needs it.

Keys are a headache. SmartWired’s user codes are the cure.

User codes are simple four or six-digit codes that open your SmartWired-powered smart lock and disarm your smart security system. They make access easy, keep your home more secure, and protect your peace of mind by keeping you in the know. How do user codes make life easier?

1: They’re a smarter way to give access

It’s simple to set up a unique code for each member of your family.

For non-family members, user codes are easy to customize for limited access. For your dog-walker, you can set up a code that works only on weekdays between 12:00 and 2:00pm. A one-day user code will let a contractor in today, but not tomorrow.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe. Discover SmartWired for Home.

2: Access alerts give you peace of mind User Code 1.jpg

Once everyone has their own code, SmartWired can let you know who’s coming and going. You can get a text alert when the dog-walker arrives, or a daily video clip of your kids coming home from school.

3: It’s smarter for security

User codes and smart locks eliminate many of the security risks and costs that come with spare keys. Unlike a key, a user code can’t be dropped, mislaid or left in the door. If your kids forget their codes, there’s always the doorbell camera.

And, should you ever suspect a code has been shared, stolen or misused, you can open your mobile app and delete it, fully restoring your front door’s security with no locksmiths necessary.

How do I get started with user codes?

User codes and smart locks are part of the professionally delivered, smarter home security experience that you get with SmartWired. Our technicians install a wide range of best-in-breed smart locks, fully integrated with your smart security system and controlled with your mobile app.

To get started with a SmartWired system, click here.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide

Fire & Carbon Monoxide

Ordinary smoke and carbon monoxide detectors offer limited protection. You’re safer with SmartWired-powered detectors that work with your security system.

We’ve got this

Professionally monitored: Our 24/7 monitoring service alerts 911 for you. If you can’t call for help, they’ve got your back.

Real-time awareness: Your SmartWired app shows you where the danger is, so you can adjust your escape route.

False alarm protection: Just a burnt dinner? Cancel a false alarm instantly with Smart Signal.

TOTAL PROTECTION: See how Benjamin’s system helped him save his dogs and his home from a fire.

Stop fumes from spreading

If your heat or AC is running when a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs, toxic fumes spread faster. SmartWired protects you by pausing your thermostat automatically when the alarm sounds.

Verify with video

If the cause of a fire is unclear, it can take longer for insurers to make it right. cameras record and upload footage automatically in emergencies, making it easy to show investigators what happened.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience the confidence of total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe and well. You can start small, or start with it all.

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Leak & Flood Protection: Safeguard your home from the #1 driver of insurance claims.

Leaks and floods: what’s the difference?

A few minutes. That’s all it takes for a leaking pipe or split washer hose to flood your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

SmartWired detects leaks and shuts them down. If you’re home, you can turn off your water supply from your app to prevent damage. If you’re away, your Smart Water Valve+Meter takes care of it for you.

See how defends your home from water damage.

No more money down the drain

Your Smart Water Valve+Meter helps you prevent water waste too. Its onboard flow meter can alert you to costly issues like running toilets, or excessive water consumption at a rental property.

Upstairs, downstairs… catch leaks anywhere

Water damage starts where you can’t see it: under sinks, behind washers, under water tanks and in attics. Protect your home’s most vulnerable areas with wireless water sensors. They’re small, smart and always on guard.

Stay ahead of winter freezes

A frozen pipe is a flood waiting to happen. Keep ice out of the picture with your Smart Water Valve+Meter’s water temperature monitoring and your system’s remote temperature sensors. If your basement needs a blast of emergency heat, you’ll know.

Live safe. Live well.

Experience the confidence of total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe and well. You can start small, or start with it all.

Ready to go?

SmartWired technology is sold, installed and serviced by licensed service providers near you.
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Connected Car is Smart Security for the Road

A smart home security system gives you confidence. If there’s trouble at home, you’ll always know—even when you’re not there. If only you could plug it into your car.

You could know about dangerous driving activity even when you weren’t in the car yourself. You could stay one step ahead of emergencies, and feel more confident that your vehicle, and the people driving it, were safe.

With Connected Car, you can.

Connected Car is an extension of your home security system that plugs into your car, giving you a direct connection to its location, diagnostic status, and the behavior of its drivers.

If anything is wrong, it lets you know right away through your app.

Keep an eye on your favorite drivers

Does your teen’s driving make you nervous? Connected Car lets you keep a safety-conscious eye on them when they’re on the road without you.

With real-time alerts for sudden acceleration, hard braking and speeding, you’ll know for sure if your teen is driving responsibly, or if you need to reach out and ask what’s going on.

Stay one step ahead of emergency repairs

If you’ve ever waited at the roadside for a tow truck to take your stranded car to the shop, you know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Connected Car provides you with maintenance alerts that keep you one step ahead of emergency repairs and rescues. Whether your fuel tank is nearly empty, you need to get your engine checked or your battery is low, you’ll be forewarned to fix the issue before it turns into a surprise expense.

Park your car with confidence

Do you feel anxious when you park in a less-than-perfect spot? You’ll appreciate the extra confidence that Connected Car gives you.

If there’s unexpected movement, you’ll get an alert. If you’re towed—or if you forget where you parked—you’ll know exactly where to go, thanks to Connected Car’s location tracking.

Its backup battery and cellular signal mean that Connected Car is always alert and working, even when your engine is off.

Enhance your smart home experience

As well as communicating with you, Connected Car communicates with your home to make things more convenient.

Seamlessly integrated with your SmartWired-powered smart home system, it can adjust your thermostat automatically when you’re on your way home, turn your outdoor lights on as you pull into the driveway, and alert you to potential security mistakes like leaving your garage open or front door unlocked.

All-in-one protection for your home and your car

Smart home security isn’t just for your home anymore. With Connected Car and, you can extend your protection far beyond its walls to wherever your car and family happen to be.

If you’re a current SmartWired subscriber, ask about Connected Car today. Don’t have SmartWired yet? Click here to get started.

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Water Leaks Cost Billions. We Have a Smart Solution.

One of the biggest threats to your home is something you enjoy every day. It’s cool. It’s clear. It’s calming. And it’s costly—extremely costly—to clean up.

Water damage from burst pipes, drips and leaky appliances costs homeowners and insurers billions of dollars every year. Like many home security problems, it happens quickly, unexpectedly and out of sight. From collapsed ceilings to mold-blackened basements, water damage is disruptive, destructive and often dangerous. Is there a solution?

Meet’s Smart Water Valve+Meter, available soon for your home or business.

Designed and developed by the engineering team at Building36, it uses cutting-edge connected technology to detect leaks and shut them off automatically. As part of our whole-home Water Management solution, it can respond intelligently to drips and leaks in different areas of your home, and helps you use water more efficiently with monitoring and insights.

Here’s what makes this new technology a must-have for your home and your peace of mind.

Automatic Flood Shutdown

When a pipe or hose fails suddenly, your sole priority is: turn off the water. If you’re home, and scramble to the water supply in time once you spot the leak, you’ll avert disaster. If not, you’re soaked.

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter changes everything. Installed at your home’s main water supply, its high-tech internal meter quickly detects large leaks and alerts your smart home security system. The system then activates the device’s onboard actuator, closing the valve and shutting off your water to minimize damage. Smart Water Valve+Meter Cutaway.jpg

By the time an alert reaches your phone, the most important thing is already taken care of, likely saving you from hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage repairs and sparing your possessions from being ruined.

Whole Home Water Protection

Because your home’s plumbing is hidden, leaks and drips rarely emerge in plain sight. Our integrated Water Management technology spots problems that you can’t, with wireless sensors that alert your security system to leaks behind washers, sinks, water heaters and other appliances. App Water Management.jpg

Our Smart Water Valve+Meter also detects a range of other issues that cost you money. Its smart meter will help you detect persistent leaks or running toilets that cause water bills to skyrocket over time. It can alert you to excessive water consumption at home or at a rental property. It can even alert you to low water temperatures if your pipes are at risk of freezing in winter.

Intelligent Responses, Easy Controls

Powered by smart home security technology, our Smart Water Valve+Meter responds intelligently when it matters.

Because it’s integrated with your security system, it knows when you’re home or away and responds accordingly. For example, if someone is taking a long shower and your system knows you’re home, you’ll get an alert but the water will stay on. However, if you’re away and one of your toilets is constantly running, the water will shut off to help save up to 200 gallons of wasted water per day. It takes whole-home intelligence to know and respond correctly.

Using the Smart Water Valve+Meter yourself, however, couldn’t be simpler. Once your SmartWired technician has directed its installation, you’ll find the controls right there in your app—next to your security system, smart locks, smart thermostat, security camera feeds and everything else.

The Smart Water Valve+Meter will be available soon for your home or business. For further details, please contact us here

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Research: How We’re Managing Our Home Deliveries in 2021

Have you disinfected a package delivery to protect yourself from germs lately?

You’re not alone. In fact, one in three Americans do the same, according to new research. We’re relying more on home deliveries, and we’re taking new precautions as we adapt.

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans by OnePoll for, the average person now receives 10 home deliveries a month: a 60% increase from the pre-pandemic average of 6. It’s a trend that’s likely to stick.

With social distancing and shortages in stores as a root cause, we’re using home deliveries to get everything from clothing to essentials like milk and toilet paper, as well as to support local businesses. Along the way, we’re discovering extra benefits that we’ll want to keep—as well as a few new worries to navigate.

Here’s what we discovered:

We’re waking up to the benefits of home deliveries.

  • 53% of Americans have ordered a delivery to support a local business in the last year.
  • 48% say that home deliveries feel safer than shopping in stores.
  • 44% say that deliveries are more convenient.
  • 36% say the items they need are sometimes sold out in stores, or online-only.
  • 70% say that they appreciate delivery workers more than they used to.

Safety worries don’t stop at the front door.


Pre-pandemic, package theft was the main concern for online shoppers. Today’s deliveries arrive with new concerns: worries about our health, and the health of others.

  • 29 % of Americans worry about being exposed to germs at the front door
  • Two out of five now wash their hands after handling packages.
  • One third disinfect their deliveries before opening them.
  • One in six let their packages sit unopened to give germs time to die.

We’re still wary of opening the door to strangers.


Although we’re concerned about deliveries being left outside, we’re also hesitant to open our doors when they arrive.

  • 68% of Americans say they don’t open their door unless they’re certain they know who’s on the other side.
  • 35% wait until delivery drivers leave before they open the door.
  • 31% are worried about potential burglars posing as delivery drivers to case their home.
  • 41% say they don’t trust that visitors are always who they say they are.

Help is at hand—and it’s hands-free.

If you’re looking for a better, safer way to manage your deliveries while protecting your home and family, look no further. Our new Touchless Video Doorbell lets you see more, know more and do more at your door, no matter where you are.

As part of a modern home security system powered by, it’s an essential home protection and management tool—and a timely improvement to make.

To get started, click here.

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